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I am a Web Developer from the East Midlands currently employed by a large international University as a Senior Developer. I enjoy coding and creating, making and hacking and have been paving the web since 1996.

I tend to favour open source and whilst largely language agnostic I often turn to PHP as a simple quick to go tool to solve the problem in hand. However I am happy coding using many tools and have been known to build stuff using these.

  • PHP Zend MVC / Laravel / Silex
  • HTML(5)
  • CSS(3)
  • JAVA (Spring)
  • Objective C
  • Ruby (Sinatra, Scripting)
  • Javascript (inc jQuery)
  • Nodejs
  • Mongo db, Mysql, Oracle and Sql Server
  • Unix server admin
  • Chef / Puppet

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I think all tech communities are good - or a PHPNW14 retrospective.

Published by Shaun Hare on

This is a post reviewing the PHPNW conference and talking on one of it's themes to come from this year.

Yet again I visited the excellent PHPNW conference this weekend just gone. Oops I kind of gave away my review in one sentance, but I cannot empasise it enough this is a must for PHP developers and well worth the visit. I have been of this opinion for a while though from the very first time, Saturday 22nd November at Manchester Central when I came together with the North-of-England PHP community for a one-day event of exceptional presentations, challenging workshops, sensational debates and networking events. OK they maybe aren't my words but digging back in old archives you can see that is true.

Posted on May 18, 2011 by Shaun This PHP North West Conference is happening again this year on October 7th through 9th in Manchester, UK. I have attended 3 PHPNW conferences and they have all been brilliant in every way. Jeremy Coates ( @phpcodemonkey) certainly has and continues to produce a great event. The conference this year will be split over two days on the 8th and 9th of October with 3 full tracks on the Saturday and 2 tracks on the Sunday. There will also be tutorials this year. If you are into PHP I urge you to go to this event. So yet again I have purchased the blind bird ticket which went on sale yesterday.

This year I was socialising at the conference with a number of first time attendees and they appeared to be of the same impression so I am not the only one.

So I say it again If you are into PHP I urge you to go to this event and experience it for yourself (next year) and if you missed this year check out the videos when they are published. Some of the talks I enjoyed you should be able to see from but in short they were

  1. Konstantin Kudryashov -Design How Your Objects Talk to Each Other Through Mocking
  2. Lorna Mitchell - Web Frontend, API Backend
  3. Davey Shafik - PHP 5.NEW: The Best Bits
  4. Anne-Julia Scheuermann - Naming things

So that done onto the theme part of this post. During the weekend @miss_jwo (Jenny) did an inspiring unconference talk about bringing communities together, I know she meant more than the WordPress community and the PHP community but she is embedded in both so they were the example she used. It kind of got to be a talking point of the conference. So I felt I had to publish something. I have spanned both of those during my time (although I do not currently do much with the Wordpress community) and have in both not necessarily been an active member and certainly not a prominent one, but I still feel been a part of both. I believe that both communities are great, there are good professional people in both and each have a lot to offer each other.

I also posted about Wordcamps before too - see Shaun Hare WordCamp review 2010 So to give an idea of how I see them both I felt a quick and easy way to do that was to hyperlink some people to check out. I am not hopefully too arrogant in doing this - and by far please these are not meant as endorsements just my observations. So for PHP people reading this here are some WordPress community members (some of which I have met some not, not necessarily prominent members either) I believe produce some great stuff and you should check out (besides Jenny)

And if you are a WordPress person reading this look at the work of these PHP people, they are all in my opinion great people doing some great PHP work.

To wrap up this post - thanks PHPNW for a great time and @miss_jwo for championing communities. If you want to comment on this post I am afraid at this time I am in my ever flux of changing things so not accepting comments but still listening on twitter (see below) and following the #phpnw14 hashtag.

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